WordPress Category is created, but not with the slug entered

October 24, 2010 by: Akhthar Parvez

Sometimes, when you create a category in your WordPress application, it gets created but not with the desired slug. Slug is a term used to describe the short name of a category, tags alike – usually all lower case characters – that is used in the URL. Suppose, if you wanted to add a category with the slug “school”, the newly created category would have the slug “school-2”. It usually happens when the slug is already is in use. You will notice it when you try to change the category slug – you will get the following error:

slug “<slub_name>” is already in use

You need to check if you already have a category with the same slug. If not, you’re like to have a tag with that slug name. You can goto “Post Tags” section under “Posts” and look for the particular slug. Change the slug name there and you will be able to create the category with the desired slug now.

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