About Me

I am a Linux enthusiast from Kerala, IN. I’ve been managing Linux servers, mainly in the field of web, and proving technical support for more than more than 5 years. I’ve been handling the following jobs apart from the managerial jobs such as leading the team etc:

Server Consultation
Server Setup
Implementing Server security
Server Management/Administration
Server Migrations

So with all this experience in administrating various Linux servers, I thought it would be good if I can share some of the tips to the fellow admins. As aforementioned, I’m specialized in managing webhosting servers hence some of the posts would apply to only those who are in the respective field. I’m trying to make it a good collection of Administrating Tips. Hopefully, I would be able to present lots of tips in front of you soon.

Akhthar Parvez K

Modified on July 26, 2010